About Qonnect Partners
Punta Cana Corales

Qonnect Partners is an asset advisory and management consulting firm dedicated to the preservation and growth of the long term assets of its clients. We recognize our clients as our Trusted Partners because we form close relationships with them to truly understand their goals and how they wish to realize future objectives. We are continually involved through the execution phase and in management thereafter.

We offer three broad service categories:

  • Asset Advisory - Evaluating and planning for asset deployment or new approaches to maximize asset value.
  • Execution - Taking an active role in placing partner funds in long term assets such as real estate, including golf/resort related properties, corporate minority and control investments and well-researched private equity/venture projects.
  • Management - Providing hands-on attention to ensure that plans are put into action and smoothly reach the intended long-term objectives through operational programming and marketing/media relations support.

Guiding Philosophies

  • Each client is treated as our trusted Partner, whether on a shorter term advisory assignment or a long term investment program.
  • We bring the best possible resources to each situation and form partnerships and relationships with the best in each category such as attorneys, architects, developers and specialized investment managers.
  • Our perspective is global and balanced; we work with clients and investors from various countries and advise them on projects and investments in both mature and emerging markets.
  • Strict control over confidentiality as many of our projects have involved high-visible situations and entities. In order to achieve the objectives of each program, we obtain strict levels of privacy for all parties involved.

More information on these activities and the people who turn ideas into action can be found by clicking on the following: Client Services Provided Case Studies