Consulting Services
Step One: Asset Advisory Services

The first step is a review of our clients' objectives and their goals for long-term asset allocation. The next steps would include:

  • Advice on long term asset allocation.
  • Marketing and media relations services for existing projects, especially in global real estate.
  • Research and analysis to find appropriate investment participation or control positions in operating companies.
  • Evaluation of optimal capital structures for investments given market conditions and client preferences.
  • Identifying long term asset managers for investments in real estate, golf/resort related properties, private equity and venture capital.
Step Two: Execution

Once decisions have been made on investment directions, Qonnect Partners takes the lead in
executing the programs and investments by:

  • Organizing and managing the transaction team.
  • Structuring the transaction in the optimum form.
  • Providing required additional professional services and financial resources to each situation.
  • Expeditiously pulling all the pieces together to swiftly achieve a closing.
Step Three: Management of Assets

Following the completion of client investments, the Principals of Qonnect take an active role in the management of these long-term investments, including:

  • Participating in strategic reviews.
  • Modeling investment returns.
  • Providing global direct and indirect marketing support.
  • Raising of additional capital for operating businesses or the restructuring of corporate finance.
  • Actively participate in company board capacity, when appropriate.

More information on these activities and the people who turn ideas into action can be found
by clicking on the following: Client Services Provided